AZTI ( is a non-profit organisation oriented to social and economical development of the marine environment and food sector. With 30 years of experience, the organization has developed more than 2.000 projects together with companies and public bodies, including 30 european projects running now.

AZTI is part of Tecnalia Corporation ( which is formed by 3 research institutes. AZTI has 3 buldings in northen Spain, in Bizkaia (Sukarrieta and Derio) and in Gipuzkoa (Pasaia).

With a team of 225 professionals and a profit of 18 M€ in 2010, AZTI-Tecnalia as research and innovation centre is structured in two business divisions: Marine Research and Alimentary Research. The second one, partner in this project, helps pushing quality, productivity and innovation of food products and its processes. The work is done by companies, professional associations and public body. The Foundation is distributed in technological expertise areas, having wide experience in the current project involved areas, like Food Chain Sustainability.

The research team works to improve environmentally the food industry and to reduce the impact of the production chain. Environmental sustainability, economic viability and saving as well as social aspects (labour risks prevention, working age, etc.) are taken into account to develop tasks, always with a perspective of clean production in the food sector and better environmental practices in food industry.



Ingenet was constituted at 1997 by a multidisciplinary technician group (engineer, physicist and computer specialists) with broad experience at production plant technologies and advanced data management. Nowadays, Ingenet is recognized at food and industrial sector. Ingenet staff is higher qualified such as engineer, physicist and computer specialists with vast knowledge in the latest technologies and with a broad professional experience at plant technologies issues. Ingenet expertise leads on industrial data management software development.

The company is currently involved in 4 projects:

  • BIO Sector: Design and development of a MES application oriented to laboratory data obtaining and management (LIMS). ETORGAI PROGRAMME – Spanish Collaborative research funding programme.
  • Health Sector: Design and development data application at the production line at real time, using Artificial Vision Technologies, oriented to then quality online data Management. ETORGAI PROGRAMME.
  • Traffic Sector: Real time Data obtaining system of the traffic state in the traffic lichts net in a city, based on Artificial Vision technologies and Bluetooth communication and WAN and developing a data treatment central system and the exploitation of them. AVANZA PROGRAMME – Spanish Collaborative research funding programme
  • Food and drink sector: Development of a software tool (web based tool) to provide comprehensive environmental information (indicators) and assure traceability through the whole chain. SENSE – Harmonised Environmental Sustainability in the European food and drink chain.

Other projects:

  • Animal feeding sector: Development of a software solution for data integral management of a plant (Traceability, quality, production, storage, maintenance and APPCCs).
  • Food sector (fruits and vegetables): Development of a software solution for data integral management of a plant (Traceability – product and process-, quality, production, storage, production, maintenance and APPCS).



CAPSA, with its brands Central Lechera Asturiana, ATO and LARSA, is the leader company in Spain liquid milk, cream and butter. It has 7 production facilities, in Asturias, Galicia, Gerona, Menorca and Madrid, and 6 comercial delegations. It is the pioneer in automatizing treatment processes, sterilization technologies and packaging manufacturing. It has a wide range of dairy products like milk, enriched milk, cream, sauces, butter, shakes, cheese.

CAPSA has become into the first company of the Spanish food sector which has the EFQM European 500+ Seal of Excellence. This acknowledgement endorses the success of the management model established in the company.

Innovation is one of the strategic pillars of CAPSA, developing projects of product innovation, process technologies, nutritional innovation, and sustainability to response the market and society demands. It has been the first company of the Spanish food sector certified according to the R&D&i management UNE 166002 standard.

Despite no taking part in other LIFE+ projects, internationally CAPSA has participated in the "Microbiome Influence on Energy balance and Brain Development-Function Put into Action to Tackle Diet-related Diseases and Behavior" project, funded by Call: FP7-KBBE-2013-7-single-stage.


The Federación Nacional de Industrias Lácteas (FeNIL) incorporates about 75 company of the dairy sector, which represent more the 90% of the national dairy production. In the Federation are represented most of the manufacturers of liquid milk, cheeses, milk powder, butter and dairy desert of Spain.

Established the 28th of november of 1977, arised as a non-profit bussinesmen professional organization, and assumed the representation of the Spanish dairy industrial sector..

This company directory has been consolidating over the years, being cause and effect of the steady searh in the improvement of the federation services. A direct consequence of that is the strong growth of its institutional presence, in agro-food industries related national organizations and dairy international organizations.

As generic mission, FeNIL represents the Spanish dairy industrial sector. Its representative competence joins with the defense of the sector's common interests.

About Ecolac

Project's aim is to prevent and reduce the environmental impact associated with the production of dairy products favoring the Ecodesign of food products by the design and use of software specially adapted to the special features of the sector.

LIFE13 ENV/ES/00615

Total budget: 1.452.503 €

49,78% UE Co-funding

Lifetime: 01/07/2014 - 30/09/2017

With the collaboration of the LIFE toolkit of the European Union.